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Announcing Trilogique 2 and 3

It is my great pleasure to announce you the release of not one but two sequels to my best-selling album Trilogique, released in 2006 originally.

Over the last two decades a lot of events changed the game in the music industry. The rise of Streaming, the downfall of music downloads, and the rebirth of physical media, the Covid 19 epidemic, and most importantly to many, the rise of awareness in regards to Climate change, deeply impacted by pressing and shipping too much plastic among others. On top of this, you might probably be aware of the fact I am now running everything independently, without the support of a label, but still with the miraculous help of some individuals, some of them have been around of ages, but slowly and surely I have new members joining the Airwave family. Thanks to them, today I’m finally able to bring new music to the world in a much more convenient context.

With all these factors into account, it’s my pleasure to welcome you on this new journey that is the release of over 50 singles over the next year. Basically each Friday sees a new single off Trilogique 2 and 3 being released on my new solo imprint, simply called Airwave Music.

So far we’ve already released the following: Extronic, The Principles of Forgiveness, Pacifica, I’m Not Rank 1, The World vs Spotify, Sunset of The Aegean Sea, and this Friday comes the newest single called Alexanderplatz. We’ve already gotten tons of support from Paul van Dyk, JOOF, Solarstone and Johan Gielen, just to name a few. And the more we release, the better it gets.

And last but not least, CD will be released, Trilogique 2 by the summer, and Trilogique 3 by the end of the year.

So watch this space, and keep an eye on my socials, Instagram, Facebook for all the other info. Alternatively you can also subscribe to my newsletter for regular updates and for the links to the weekly singles.





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Help me get my Music Rights Back!


My dearest friends and fans,

You’ve known me for my music for the last 25 years. What a journey, thanks to you and your support!

At the moment, I’m going through a complicated period because of all the compromises and efforts I’ve made in the background during the same period, but I acknowledge I’ve also experienced extraordinary things thanks to my business relationships.

Unfortunately, despite my few successes and long career, one of the complications is that I do not own the rights to my music and my catalog; my former label does, and for life. This is not only a question of fairness, but also future revenue and the ability to use my own music.

As a result, I’m seeking to buy back my rights. As I do not have the resources to be able to do so, I’m proposing to whomever may be interested and able to consider helping me to make a financial offer that my former label won’t be able to refuse in order to put an end to present and future complications for good, and continue our respective paths with my family as the sole owner of my music copyright.

I propose to set the total to be offered at €40,000, which put in the perspective of 7-8 years of royalties generated at this point, seems a fair offer.

Everything will be invested solely in the recovery of my rights. Not only will you be actively participating in my professional development, but you’ll also be contributing to the sustainability of my music catalog.

I’ve tried, but I’ve had no luck getting help from the banks, and my family has never been financially privileged.

So if you want to invest in something that’s good for everyone, and that includes a lot of you, here’s something you can do to enable me to not only keep my music but create more. And if in the worst case we don’t succeed, I won’t be disappointed, because after all, it’s thanks to you that we’ve built this. And I will never forget that.

Thank you in advance for your invaluable support and for considering the funding, and please feel free to share with anyone who is interested. Together we’ve come so far, together we’ll always go further.

Of course, each purchase in my store will also go straight to this at the moment. Feel free to check out my digital products such as soundpacks and WAV downloads.

Alternatively, you can also attend to my Online Ableton Live Masterclass on August 26th (EN) or August 19th (FR), a four hour session to help you master EDM’s King of all DAW Software. Click on text to be sent to link!


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Spring 2023 Update!

Hey there everyone. I hope you’re doing well. I have been on a mission to share with you new and exciting stuff. So here’s a recap of what was released earlier in February and March.

3 New Music Releases and 3 Sound Design Releases in the past 5 weeks. I’m very happy with the pace at the moment.

The Flow is a monster Prog Trance track recently released on Pattern, a sub label of FSOE. Very proud of this one.

Majestica is an amazing Melodic Deep Trancer on my Progressions Label, while An Exceptionally Hot Day is a beautiful chill out/ ambient 2 track EP that was released earlier on Sciabada, a label that my friends of The Frame Network are running.

For those who haven’t noticed yet, Majestica, and An Exceptionally Hot Day have joined the releases directly available on my website in WAV Format. So all of you who want to download my music, have now this opportunity to do it straight from my website by just clicking on the SHOP Button

As usual there’s much more to come in the next weeks and I can’t thank you enough for your support.

Next will be the release of the Music Video of my collaboration with Danzel, very famous Belgian Singer and Songwriter, You Should Have Let Me Go.

And Last but not least, the launch of Airwave Music Academy, a place where you will be able to book 1to1 Sessions for Music Production Coaching and One Off Masterclass Type Events!

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All Soundpacks merge into one: say Hello to Ultimate Soundpack 2023!

It’s my great pleasure to announce you the release of a single sound pack for everything I’ve done Sound Design-wise.


This extensive collection of sounds features 4 amazing collections for Omnisphere, more than 180 patches for Xfer Serum, and a whopping 6.5 Gb Sample Pack Bundle featuring everything I’ve done in the last 15 years. Check out the videos at the end of this post.

Airwave’s Ultimate Sound Pack 2023 is made for every producer wanting to get his hands on Airwave’s own sounds. Known for his contributions to bxOberhausen, Knifonium, and two major Korg Synthesizers, modwave and wavestate, Belgium based Airwave needs no introduction for any electronic music enthusiast;  Here’s your chance to use the entirety of the man’s sound palette into your own productions, all sounds in a single, comprehensive, and affordable package. 

With over 1000 productions under his belt, a huge background as an electronic music insider, and over 25 years of music creation, Airwave’s music has been heard all around the world. Same can be said about his sounds, featured now on several hardware and software products on the market. 

Known for his twisted atmospheres and creative manipulation, Airwave’s Ultimate SoundPack just shows how extensive a musician’s own library has become after years of twisting knobs and playing with sounds for more than a quarter-century. 

Ultimate SoundPack can’t be pigeonholed in a single sub-genre and focuses on recreating the artist’s own vision instead, spanning all BPM ranges and open to all genres.

A whopping 7.9Gb  Soundpack with more than 1700 Drumloops, an extensive array of One-shots, and memorable Textures to instantly add depth to any kind of electronic music production.  On top of that, Airwave’s ENTIRE synth preset collection, featuring all 4 of his infamous  Omnisphere packs, 180+ presets for Serum, an EDM champion of soft synthesizers, featuring an extensive palette of never-heard before sounds making use of the entire modulation slot list. 

With a fresh and updated approach, Airwave Ultimate SoundPack will get yearly updates guaranteed, updates that will see the amount of content grow significantly with each new version, starting expansion towards other software synthesizers for the preset part, and featuring more acoustic recording and heavy sound design. 


1745 Drumloops

50 Music Loops

30 FX Loops

47 Textures/Soundscapes

87 Chords and Stabs

31 Bass One Shots

187 FX One Shots

570 Drum One Shots

Total: 6.55Gb – 2750+ Samples

Synth Presets

1620 Omnisphere Patches and Multis in 4 different collections. 

186 Xfer Serum Patches

25 Arturia Pigments Patches

25 LennarDigital Sylenth1 Patches

Total: 1.40Gb (Including Soundsources)

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2022: the birth of my record label Progressions


It’s been a while and what a crazy period it’s been… Here are some updates of what’s been going on with me.

After 25 years of collaboration, I have left my long time record label. I don’t wish to share all the details, but it was a necessary step in the direction I want to go. I will also no longer appear at these events, and my sets at Tomorrowland 2022, which were originally scheduled for 2020, were the last 3 ones.

Now begins an exciting new chapter and I am happy to announce my own new record label Progressions!

Progressions already has several new releases including: Adelaide’s Voyage – a 7 track EP of mine, and followed soon by my new single Kitchen Paper, Paper Towel – a techy progressive track I’m very happy with. More info coming this September ! I will also be releasing two collaborations with top vocalists from Belgium by the end of the year.

Plus, very soon will be releasing two singles by Christian Monique and Gai Barone on Progressions.

I’m also very happy to announce that my award-winning original soundtrack for Borrowed Time 3 was released earlier this month. A bit late I know! The OST album contains 39 music cues I made for this 3rd episode of this movie trilogy. I was especially honored to win 3 awards for this soundtrack. You will soon be able to buy the album in mp3 format on my store, and you can already listen on Spotify and Apple Music. The movie is available on Youtube, depending on the country you live in.

From now on I will be posting more here and we have great things in store for the next few weeks and months!

All the best,

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Change Is Wonderful


Even when it is difficult. Many of you have experienced this and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I wanted to share my thoughts and plans with you as they evolve so that we can guide each other through the change I will be going through as an artist and I deeply feel the need to let you into my changing world so that you might better understand what it is all about.

Just like the majority of you my vision of society has been changed and therefore my own behaviour and interaction and this should be reflected in my actions as an artist.

We all know that the health crisis had a major impact on my occupation and I’d like to guide you through what I think are the causes and also solutions for me personally. Truth is, this crisis has done nothing but enhancing and pointing out things that have been happening in the music industry for some time now, but so far nobody cared or dared to take the next step in this evolution. With a lot of time at my hands I took the opportunity to reflect about my own path and analyse my position looking for ways to evolve further.

We are all very well aware of the fact that performances, tours and festivals have become an extremely important part of an artist’s life. Today’s society makes the act of creating art itself extremely vulnerable as it does not allow a permanent income flow to sustain a man’s life. Simply put a producer or electronic artist cannot just make music to earn a living, he also has to become a performer. It has become the main income stream for many good people I know and many of us have become extremely dependent on that income stream at the cost of our sleep, our mental and physical health and our relationships and families. Believe me I know what I’m talking about when I look back on the past 3 years of my live and see the outcome of my decisions up until now. This way of living is just not suitable for everybody. Some of us had to pay a price far too high for that moment of fame in the limelight on a stage of a famous festival.

Mind I’m not putting any blame on festivals and such. Throughout my career as a musician spanning now almost a quarter of a century I always believed that tours and performing is a great way to interact with my fans and all those people who support what I’m doing. However, it should never be the very center of my existence, neither by force of habit nor by changes in society. I have always seen it as a great addition but I also noticed that that very interaction with a large crowd can become extremely addictive and I really like to see it for what it actually should be: The cherry on top of the icing of my (cup)cake.

In my humble opinion I think I can still improve my interaction with my fans around the world and I believe it is not about quantity but rather about the quality of performances. I want to bring my performances to a certain level and I’ll be working over the coming months very hard with that goal in mind together with a team of people that stand right next to me and want to accompany me on my way to reach that goal.

I have been observing the world around me and myself long before the recent health crisis hit my sector hard and I came to realise that there are many things in my life that need a change. Our world tends to compartmentalize everything, including music and its composers, us the artists. They put genre labels on our music and put us in boxes that reflect those genres without taking in consideration that people evolve, they grow up and so do their actions. In an artists’ life that evolution, that growth is directly reflected in the work of art he/she creates. In my case it is the music. It has evolved over the past 2 decades and it still is evolving, but many people out there still see me as the child I used to be when I started this musical journey, well I’m no longer that child, I have evolved, I have grown up and so has my music. My greatest wish is that music becomes once again the center of my life, I want to be free to make the music I really love and I want to focus on playing the music I really love.

When I started my journey I had set priorities and they have not changed. Those priorities are: artistic integrity and freedom, respect, kindness and focusing on a business model that is inclusive, that is a win-win for everyone. But I have to admit that even long before the crisis began I was not living up to these personal goals I had set myself and that realisation deeply affected me.

We are living in a consumption driven world where art and to be more specific where music has become as short-lived as many other consumer goods out there. Music itself has become a product of mass-consumption. It is seen as a right to be able to get access to music without having to pay a fee that actually reflects the hours of work that went into the act of creation. Today’s Dance Music consumers rather pay a fortune on festival tickets without knowing that by doing so they kill the musical diversity that generations before us strived to create. I personally think that this diversity is exactly what we need to preserve, musically and otherwise, it is what makes our world more colourful and richer in any sense. We have to give an artist the opportunity to make his choices without having to choose between money and integrity. Today many artists compromise their artistic integrity just to get a booking fee.

2021 has been the year for me where I decided to take the measure of what needs to be done to preserve my set priorities and to keep my focus on them for the next decades to come.

As of today I want to inform you that I’m expanding my horizons in terms of business and people I’ll be working with in the future. However I’d like to add that I’m very thankful for the past years where I worked with some incredible people.

You all have probably noticed in the meantime that I have moved my studio out of my home and into a place where creativity is top priority. The people there have welcomed me with open arms and are helping me facilitating my new creative strategies. Lots of opportunities ahead and a new way to build once again my own identity in the art I have chosen: music

To sum things up, there has been a lot of change going on in the background over the past 6 months and a lot more changes are in the pipeline.

It is a small leap of faith I’m taking and from now on I will only grab those business opportunities that give me the chance to live up to my own expectations and that do not compromise my integrity as an artist. I refuse to depend on a chain of people and businesses that still depend too much on the old world’s habits such as greed, individualism, hierarchy, power, money …

All I desire is a business that runs smoothly and financially sustainable that also gives the pleasures of happy relationships with everyone involved. I want to spread the love that is in the music once again and all this should not be at the costs we all know already. I won’t be forced to become a narcissistic, cynical, greedy individual just for the sake of success.

Even though society tends to do as if there is only black & white, life has proven time and again that things are a little more complex than that. 

So if dark blue is my favourite colour then that’s the way it is and I should not have to be ashamed of it.

2021 will bring new music to your homes. Music made by me with all of me in there, just as pure as it used to be. I had the honour of working on a movie soundtrack. Something I have been dreaming about since I was a very young lad. I loved soundtracks long before I started making dance music. The making of this soundtrack led me to a couple of amazing collaborations with some fine Belgian artists: Thank you Dee Dee and Danzel for our amazing journey together.

2021 also will lead me to new ways of distributing my art. New Blockchain Tech is developing at the speed of light and the old tech and distribution options will be fading out if they do not seize the opportunity to approach the market with a fresh perspective.

2021 will bring you new sounds that I am currently developing. I urge to check regularly on my website to get accustomed to my new sounds and soon that will also be the place to be to discover my new music. There will be a plethora of new sound packs available this year still for those of you who are into producing themselves.

You all know how much I love playing and making new sounds, if you hadn’t noticed yet but the sounds I made for the KORG Modwave are all over Youtube videos.

And of course this also means that a new Airwave album will be finally coming your way. It has been in the pipeline for quite some time but the health crisis put a halt to this project. This album will not be what you expect but you will get to meet the new Airwave sound and I’m preparing a very special surprise you won’t see coming.

It is time to live on my own terms and give you all another take on how things get done where passion meets music. It is time you saw the true independent artist that has come out of the shadows, out of the hiding.

Thank you all for supporting my art and therefore supporting me as an artist, as a person, as a human being and as a family guy.

Musically yours,


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Planisphere – Atmospheres (Single) (Bonzai Progressive)

Planisphere aka George Petkidis and Laurent Veronnez, return to Bonzai Progressive in 2021 with the title track off their latest album titled, Atmospheres. Since 1998, Planisphere has been a part of the story that shaped the melodic progressive sound, but they also branched out into more experimental touches, with what can only be described as epic breaks, otherworldly, dreamy Balearic sounds and powerful melodic movers. Who can forget the huge classics, Deep Blue Dream, So Many Ways and Moonshine to name a few. It was these tracks that were filling up journey-led sets, wowing the crowds with cascading synths and euphoric climaxes. Of course, George and Laurent’s individual stories are intriguing and exciting, they have done so many great things over the years. It’s always a special time when they get back in the studio together and we’ve no doubt there is more to come.

The Original Mix opens with an ambient sequence before a deep bass drop which etches out an infectious melody. Cool synths join in before urban style breaks come through. Just at the midway point, a chugging bassline is joined by a full-on 4-on-the-floor beat. A mesmerizing melody fades up taking the track to a new level. An outstanding, hybrid groove, a definite must have.

Rise and Fall returns to BP on the remix, dishing out another fine effort. Since 2013 his works have been praised by several top DJ’s around the world and he’s stacked up a hugely impressive back catalogue. Here, he steps it up a notch once again with a strong, flowing progger and its raw, organic sound filled with contrasting elements that captivate the mind.

Turkish artist Hakan Ozurun is back with an excellent remix. He started his musical career as a DJ in 2010. After 3 years, he found this was not enough for him and so he started making his own originals and remixes, and to date he has an impressive release count. On the remix here, we’re driven deep into the progressive abyss with twisting drones, rolling basses and striking melodies that combine beautifully for the ultimate heads down chugger.

We stick with the Turkish contingent and welcome Nacres back to BP with a superb remix. Nacres has been connected with music for many years. He hung up his cans in 1997 but, in 2019 he decided to make a return to music, devoting his skills to producing quality progressive house and tech house. Here, the remix dishes out a solid, drummy interpretation, keeping things minimal to a point, while charging forward into the groove.

Cathy K returns once again with a top-notch remix. Cathy has been producing for the past 4 years, incorporating various styles into her sound and her DJing. For Cathy K, producing is her therapy since she loves getting lost in music to feel the joyful emotions that stir into her chest. On the remix here, the groove goes deep. Tough edged beats, melodic basses and a gritty underlay feature heavily, making this a first choice cut for the peak time set.

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Planisphere – Atmospheres (Bonzai Classics)

Dance music vanguard of subsonic purity, We’re super excited and extremely proud to bring you Trilogique Re-Invented, Airwave’s reimagining of his classic album, Trilogique. Plush progressive vibes, seasoned classic sounds and contemporary production, all from the mind of a musical genius. This is the order of the day and this is what Re-Invented is all about. From the very first opening bars of Sky Blues, to the pounding beats and scathing synths of Ping Pong, Laurent takes us on a journey of re-discovery and of new beginnings.


2020 is shaping up to be a massive year for Bonzai Classics. To keep that momentum going, we’re super proud to present a miscellany of works, taken from 3 albums, spanning over 10 years from one of the most famous projects of the nineties and noughties titled, Planisphere – Atmospheres. George Petkidis and Laurent Veronnez are the maestros behind Planisphere, and together they delivered some of the very best progressive trance/trance cuts the world has heard.

A fresh new slice heads up this ‘best of’ compendium, the guys have been in the studio creating more masterful music in the form of the brand-new track Atmospheres which, will be part of a fully remastered 18 track, 2 x CD package, wrapped in elegant casing with sharp, defining artwork.

Since 1998, Planisphere has been a part of the story that shaped the melodic progressive sound, but they also branched out into more experimental touches, with what can only be described as epic breaks, on tracks such as Lektrophony, Cubed, United We Were, Corinthians XIII and Timestop. Who can forget the huge classics, Deep Blue Dream, So Many Ways, Totem, Cubed, Moonshine, Hoasanna and the more recent Memento.It was these tracks that were filling up journey-led sets, wowing the crowds with cascading synth melodies and euphoric climaxes. Dreamy, atmospheric tracks like Balearic and The Lost Planet raised the bar while more otherworldly cuts like Cyborganic, Symphotek, Spectrazoidesign and Solarism- Everyone Needs A 4 To The Floor took us into the stratosphere.

The main track – Atmospheres, captures the true essence of the Planisphere sound. One of theatrics, melodic, captivating and boundary pushing. The track opens with an ambient sequence before a stuttering percussion pattern takes us to a deep bass drop. The bass etches out an infectious melody which is joined by cool synths before urban style breaks come through. Just at the midway point, a chugging bassline is joined by a full-on 4 on the floor beat. A mesmerizing melody fades up, a signature for these guys, which takes the track to a new level. An outstanding, hybrid groove, a definite must have. Expect more new material from Planisphere.

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Airwave – Trilogique Re-Invented (Bonzai Progressive)

Dance music vanguard of subsonic purity, We’re super excited and extremely proud to bring you Trilogique Re-Invented, Airwave’s reimagining of his classic album, Trilogique. Plush progressive vibes, seasoned classic sounds and contemporary production, all from the mind of a musical genius. This is the order of the day and this is what Re-Invented is all about. From the very first opening bars of Sky Blues, to the pounding beats and scathing synths of Ping Pong, Laurent takes us on a journey of re-discovery and of new beginnings.

Sky Blues Re-Invented Icarus Mix is the perfect opener, that captivating voice and sweeping synths combine beautifully before a deep, pulsing bassline takes over.

Angelica Re-Invented follows, keeping the deep vibe alive with a solid, understated groove, built around a tight beat and detailed percussion section.

Beam Re-Invented is up next. A chugging bassline lies at its core, with punchy kicks and tribal percussions working the rhythms. The melodies remain subtle, teasing us with all the glory of the original.

Sunday Break Re-Invented heralds in a club themed style. Chunky kick drums and rich percussions line up perfectly while faint hints of the original are evident in the background melodies.

Summer Out Re-Invented keeps the upbeat vibe going thanks to solid, punchy beats and crisp, highlighted percussions. As the momentum builds, waves of melody sweep through the groove which is buoyed by a superb droning bassline.

People Just Don’t Care Re-Invented shows off that distinct motif which shines through, against the backdrop of a more subdued progressive groove. Constantly rising, up to the break, where that main melody is revealed.

Trilogique Re-Invented is a vibrant, energetic track. Intriguing pads fill the background as a mesmerizing arpeggio fades up. A deep, rumbling bassline takes over the groove as rich percussions add scope and rhythm.

Buzzer Re-Invented takes on a no-nonsense approach with a committed, powerful bassline that dominates throughout. Twisting, pitching synths stand out and on the break the melody takes us to the stratosphere before climaxing with a building snare roll and back to the main groove.

Mice Re-Invented presents punchy beats and distinct percussions, combining to deliver a solid rhythm. Hypnotic arps lead us to the deep, rumbling bassline as wide-open synths rise up, pulsating with the beat before intricate melodies take over on the break where tension mounts before the final act.

Progressive Aggressive Re-Invented is dark and menacing, this one holds no bars, delivering a powerful and sinister groove. The original voice is present alongside a bassline that borders on psy. The break unleashes a mind-bending sequence climaxing with your mind exploding.

Ping Pong Re-Invented is another Techno do-over from Airwave, and one that will no doubt draw a lot of interest. Delicate bells etch out mesmerizing patterns as rising FX and sweeping sirens combine. Full-on, in-your-face Techno.