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All Soundpacks merge into one: say Hello to Ultimate Soundpack 2023!

It’s my great pleasure to announce you the release of a single sound pack for everything I’ve done Sound Design-wise.


This extensive collection of sounds features 4 amazing collections for Omnisphere, more than 180 patches for Xfer Serum, and a whopping 6.5 Gb Sample Pack Bundle featuring everything I’ve done in the last 15 years. Check out the videos at the end of this post.

Airwave’s Ultimate Sound Pack 2023 is made for every producer wanting to get his hands on Airwave’s own sounds. Known for his contributions to bxOberhausen, Knifonium, and two major Korg Synthesizers, modwave and wavestate, Belgium based Airwave needs no introduction for any electronic music enthusiast;  Here’s your chance to use the entirety of the man’s sound palette into your own productions, all sounds in a single, comprehensive, and affordable package. 

With over 1000 productions under his belt, a huge background as an electronic music insider, and over 25 years of music creation, Airwave’s music has been heard all around the world. Same can be said about his sounds, featured now on several hardware and software products on the market. 

Known for his twisted atmospheres and creative manipulation, Airwave’s Ultimate SoundPack just shows how extensive a musician’s own library has become after years of twisting knobs and playing with sounds for more than a quarter-century. 

Ultimate SoundPack can’t be pigeonholed in a single sub-genre and focuses on recreating the artist’s own vision instead, spanning all BPM ranges and open to all genres.

A whopping 7.9Gb  Soundpack with more than 1700 Drumloops, an extensive array of One-shots, and memorable Textures to instantly add depth to any kind of electronic music production.  On top of that, Airwave’s ENTIRE synth preset collection, featuring all 4 of his infamous  Omnisphere packs, 180+ presets for Serum, an EDM champion of soft synthesizers, featuring an extensive palette of never-heard before sounds making use of the entire modulation slot list. 

With a fresh and updated approach, Airwave Ultimate SoundPack will get yearly updates guaranteed, updates that will see the amount of content grow significantly with each new version, starting expansion towards other software synthesizers for the preset part, and featuring more acoustic recording and heavy sound design. 


1745 Drumloops

50 Music Loops

30 FX Loops

47 Textures/Soundscapes

87 Chords and Stabs

31 Bass One Shots

187 FX One Shots

570 Drum One Shots

Total: 6.55Gb – 2750+ Samples

Synth Presets

1620 Omnisphere Patches and Multis in 4 different collections. 

186 Xfer Serum Patches

25 Arturia Pigments Patches

25 LennarDigital Sylenth1 Patches

Total: 1.40Gb (Including Soundsources)