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Airwave – Trilogique Re-Invented (Bonzai Progressive)

Dance music vanguard of subsonic purity, We’re super excited and extremely proud to bring you Trilogique Re-Invented, Airwave’s reimagining of his classic album, Trilogique. Plush progressive vibes, seasoned classic sounds and contemporary production, all from the mind of a musical genius. This is the order of the day and this is what Re-Invented is all about. From the very first opening bars of Sky Blues, to the pounding beats and scathing synths of Ping Pong, Laurent takes us on a journey of re-discovery and of new beginnings.

Sky Blues Re-Invented Icarus Mix is the perfect opener, that captivating voice and sweeping synths combine beautifully before a deep, pulsing bassline takes over.

Angelica Re-Invented follows, keeping the deep vibe alive with a solid, understated groove, built around a tight beat and detailed percussion section.

Beam Re-Invented is up next. A chugging bassline lies at its core, with punchy kicks and tribal percussions working the rhythms. The melodies remain subtle, teasing us with all the glory of the original.

Sunday Break Re-Invented heralds in a club themed style. Chunky kick drums and rich percussions line up perfectly while faint hints of the original are evident in the background melodies.

Summer Out Re-Invented keeps the upbeat vibe going thanks to solid, punchy beats and crisp, highlighted percussions. As the momentum builds, waves of melody sweep through the groove which is buoyed by a superb droning bassline.

People Just Don’t Care Re-Invented shows off that distinct motif which shines through, against the backdrop of a more subdued progressive groove. Constantly rising, up to the break, where that main melody is revealed.

Trilogique Re-Invented is a vibrant, energetic track. Intriguing pads fill the background as a mesmerizing arpeggio fades up. A deep, rumbling bassline takes over the groove as rich percussions add scope and rhythm.

Buzzer Re-Invented takes on a no-nonsense approach with a committed, powerful bassline that dominates throughout. Twisting, pitching synths stand out and on the break the melody takes us to the stratosphere before climaxing with a building snare roll and back to the main groove.

Mice Re-Invented presents punchy beats and distinct percussions, combining to deliver a solid rhythm. Hypnotic arps lead us to the deep, rumbling bassline as wide-open synths rise up, pulsating with the beat before intricate melodies take over on the break where tension mounts before the final act.

Progressive Aggressive Re-Invented is dark and menacing, this one holds no bars, delivering a powerful and sinister groove. The original voice is present alongside a bassline that borders on psy. The break unleashes a mind-bending sequence climaxing with your mind exploding.

Ping Pong Re-Invented is another Techno do-over from Airwave, and one that will no doubt draw a lot of interest. Delicate bells etch out mesmerizing patterns as rising FX and sweeping sirens combine. Full-on, in-your-face Techno.