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Airwave – Flying Paper Planes (Bonzai Progressive)

Airwave is back, and he’s here to give us yet another special track, constructed from his wonderfully creative mind. Flying Paper Planes is his latest creation and once again, he knocks it outta the park, as does Rick Pier O’Neil who returns to Bonzai Progressive on the remix. Airwave remains one of electronic music’s greats. His prolific prowess has stood him well throughout his career, earning him great respect among his peers and his worldwide fanbase. For us, it’s always a pleasure when he turns out new material and, no doubt, we can all say we’ve been extremely lucky to have witnessed his talent for over 20 years, here’s to 20 more.

Airwave takes us on a deep progressive journey with his Original Mix. Right from the off, you can feel the abyssal depth, manifested in tough beats and dark basses. Captivating voices slice through the murk, electrifying the atmosphere. The drum track is highly distinctive as an Airwave style, wide, tribalistic and dynamic with an accompanying cinematic trait. Tension builds with each added layer, with the voices playing a big part in the groove. On the break, swirling pads create a hair-raising experience before a rich melodic arpeggio comes through. That deep, rumbling bass remains for the break before the track slams back to full on mode with a flurry of voices. A wonderful piece, enchanting and dark and thought-provoking, not to be missed.

On remix duties we have Rick Pier O’Neil. Another veteran in the world of electronic music, Rick has delivered so many tracks over his long career. His last outing here, Itzamna, proved popular among many, as did his raft of other original and remixes he made for us over the years. Here, Rick lays out a superb, deep and chunky progressive slice. Taking cue from the original, Rick stays in the darker echelons of prog, where thick beats and sub level basses rumbles the bins. Slicing, cosmic FX and gritty notes add intrigue as a delicate arpeggio delivers a sweet melody. Enchanting voices give the track character and combine beautifully with the epic scale of the groove. The break reveals a deep hypnotic streak, complete with synth stabs which take us back to full-on mode for the duration. A top-notch effort that is not to be missed.