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Airwave & Phi Phi – Today Is Made Of Yesterdays (Bonzai Progressive)

Two legends, Airwave and Phi Phi, join forces once again on Today Is Made Of Yesterdays. Last time out, they gave us Finesse, which was a while ago, but they have been very busy in the meantime
For Airwave, the last few months have been very productive. He’s utilised his time in the studio to come up with a series of creative ideas as well other projects and, as ever we are super excited to be hearing his latest efforts with this new track.
Phi Phi has continued to provide his journey-led sets for his followers, playing out on several online radio stations worldwide. He is also preparing for post lockdown events which are coming in thick and fast. In the studio he continues his wonderful partnership with Manu Riga. Their last effort was on the remix for Rick Pier O’Neil’s Itzamna and there is so much more to come from those guys.
The Original Mix kicks off with a dark, cinematic sequence, creating a rising tension. Solid kick drums and shuffling percussions come through, taking the groove into a rhythmic flow as the atmosphere builds and builds. A burly bassline controls the low end as melodic flurries weave through the groove. The track rises, methodically luring us into its melancholic warmth and giving us a special journey that is not to be missed. Crocy returns on remix duties, delivering yet another fine slice of progressive goodness.
Crocy is one of the finest DJs and producers of his generation, redefining the Slovenian electronic sound and pushing it further through the warm melodic groovy house and progressive realms. He is an artist of substance and a familiar name with over a decade of experience. His output for Bonzai is consistent and always creates a buzz in the office. Here, Crocy takes the original and beefs up the bass with a more pronounced drive which is backed up with a tight, rhythmic drum section. Soft arpeggios fade up, creating a mesmerizing sequence while on the break we’re treated to some smooth melodies before heading back to full-on mode for the duration.
Turkish DJ, producer Nacres is up next on the remix which follows his last remix on metrONomes’ Thirio. Considered with veteran status, Nacres got his first DJ gig at Taxim Night Park in 1994. He was already connected to the electronic music scene for 3 years prior to this, having worked on sound and lighting at various venues. He hung up his cans in 1997 but, in 2019 he decided to make a return to music, devoting his skills to producing quality progressive house and tech house. The remix here takes the groove to a deeper level with a minimalistic approach. Heavy focus shifts to the drums and the groovy bassline while intense synths rise and fall throughout. The break is a trippy affair which fits beautifully with the slow burning appeal of this top-notch cut.