Borrowed Time relates the adventures of Franck Denard, an antihero slowly dying from a brain tumor after spending 10 years in prison for homicide, and who turns into a vigilante to give the rest of his life moral sense. The entire shooting of this Action/Drama combo took place between Brussels and France, and is Airwave’s very first full Soundtrack to date. Featuring 29 Original Cues, Borrowed Time OST features an entire mini-Mix of all Cues. A Unique Mixture of Synthwave, Ambient, Cinematic, and PsyTrance on the menu of this first effort as a Soundtrack Composer, covering all moods and scenes of this nevertheless entertaining story.


01 My Name is Franck Denard
02 The Key to The Truth
03 Welcome To The Real World
04 Marie, Mother and Bridges
05 Malik
06 Parking Lot
07 Good Old Mike
08 Denard Rises
09 Pietro
10 The Black Mask and The Mob
11 Chase of Be Chased
12 Pray For Redemption
13 The Mobs Threat
14 Doctor Being Spied
15 Tina
16 Denard vs Malik
17 You Better Call The Police Doctor
18 A Rotten Investigator
19 Van Copen Calls Brown
20 Black Mask At Night
21 The Friend and The Traitor
22 Why Meet In A Car
23 Training With Ryan
24 Memories of A Deceased Wife
25 The Old Doctor’s Help
26 We’ve Got Your Friend Mike
27 Losing a Friend and Freedom
28 A Couple Painful Memories
29 His Name is Franck Denard

BONUS: audio from the 15 minute minimix video

Format: WAV only, 16 Bit, 44.1 Khz, mastered CD quality files

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