As a Beatmaker you are often looking for that inspiring sound with an organic feel or an edge you can’t find in your everyday synthesizers and drum machines. Say hello to your new best friend, Urban Adventures.

Taken off Airwave’s own collection is Urban Adventures, an amazing library of Drums, Drumloops, and SFX based on the very best source of inspiration on this planet, Field Recordings in an urban environment.

Urban Adventures’ Sample content totals more than 1.5 gb of processed, re-imagined, and twisted recordings made with just one purpose in mind, inspire the creator in you and help you reach that edgy, almost dystopian sound you are mostly after, adapted to Native Instruments’ Maschine App. On top of that, everything is accessible from that single project file, containing all the drumloops following the BPM in Gate mode to push the creative you to make your own out of them, and a few example Groups with their respective patterns to get you going instantly.

Urban Adventures is a NI Maschine Pack available for Pc and Mac. All Samples are Copyright Free. Requires the very latest version of Maschine Software.

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