This is the 21st century, your music creativity demands tools that both speed up the process and make it as enjoyable as playing a game. The Playground, Airwave’s Ultimate Template for Logic Pro X, is just that.

Based on a certain workflow after years of struggles with other existing tools on the market, tailor-made to its creator’s needs to expand his creative palette, The Playground will be your perfect Logic Pro X companion, making it possible for you to create incredible tracks in all genres, in just a few minutes of your precious time.

With a massive sound library made of synthesizer patches, samples and custom macro controls, The Playground is a tool that will evolve over time with regular updates and add-on packs that will make full use of your favorite DAW’s features.

A 6.5GB template that demanded hundreds of hours to create, ready to use, with a massive value. And best of it all, it’s as cheap as the cheapest plugins on the market.

System Requirements:

– OS: Mac OS 10.5 (Catalina)
– DAW: Logic Pro X 10.6.1 & above
– RAM: minimum 16 GB


Templates of this kind are by nature very CPU intensive, therefore make sure you have a recent Macintosh. Tried and tested on a 5,1 Mac Pro with Dual Six Core 3 ghz Xeon Mac and a late 2013 Macbook Pro both running Catalina.

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