Airwave – Serum Kaos

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Ever feel bored while browsing through your existing Xfer Serum patches?

So do I. 

Then I created Serum Kaos.

A 60 Preset pack for Xfer Serum that makes uses of its full potential. Up to 8 LFO’s, 1 finger actions, Chaos Engines on LFO curves and many more.

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Ever feel bored while browsing through your existing Xfer Serum patches? 

Ever think the patches you bought and hear from this or that developer sound lazy? 

So do I. 



While browsing through thousands of patches from top sites for EDM Serum patches, I felt incredibly bored and uninspired by the low quality of them all. They all sounded thin, usable for sure, but completely lifeless. 

During my work for top brands, I was taught how playability is a must. This is how presets make it to the record. 

Xfer’s Serum doesn’t feature an arpeggiator/sequencer and that for most is limiting its possibilities. 

As a patch designer for top brands, I couldn’t just do with the so-called limitations and know that Serum features EIGHT LFO’s, fully programmable, and 2 random engines called Chaos, which inspired the name of this brand new product. On top of that Serum lets you modulate its entire FX section, a feature I never see used in the patches from the top Serum patch sites. 

As a conclusion, I’m sure you already have those bread and butter patches for bass, pads, leads, and others from those developers. 

So what about the stuff that you know me for? Crazy Arpeggios, Chaos Madness, complete ONE FINGER Sequences with 5 Macro Controls? This is everything Serum Kaos is about. 

60 patches, bloated with modulation routings, crazy strategies and concepts to get around the lack of sequencer/arpeggio. 

Serum Kaos features some of the best patches I have ever made for Xfer Serum, some of them will keep you busy for hours just playing with the keys, the mod wheel and all 4 macros modulating 1,2,3 different parameters sometimes. 

Serum Kaos is download only, less than 5mb zip.  Requires Xfer serum v1.3.6.3 to run. More info: