Think you’ve already heard it all in Omnisphere? This is the Collection that proves the opposite. Airwave’s Omnisphere collection gives Spectrasonics’ flaghsip Synth a whole new lease of life with a fresh approach in sound processing, modulation, and, overall, fun. Discover 150+ patches and 50+ Multis that show you how to design your sounds in Omnisphere with the right mindset. Instant inspiration for your next productions, right at your fingertips. Each single patch off Volume 1 now features 4 controls on Midi CC, a tried and tested technique from Volume 3, for more modulation, more control, and more fun. You’ll never spend as much time playing with a synth than with omnisphere and these patches.

NOTE: This library requires an official license of Spectrasonics Omnisphere v2.7 and above. Make sure you update your software to the latest version prior to installing this version.

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