If you have ever found the content of most Dancefloor music sample packs too generic, Airwave’s Mega Sample Pack is made for you. Here’s your chance to use a chunk of the man’s palette in your own creations.

With over 1000 productions under his belt, a huge background as an Electronic Music insider, and over 25 years of music creation, Airwave’s music has been heard all around the world.

Known for his twisted atmospheres and creative manipulation, Airwave’s Mega Sample Pack just shows how extensive a musician’s own library has become after years twisting knobs and playing with sounds for more than a quarter century. Mega Sample Pack can’t be pigeonholed in a single sub-genre, and focuses on recreating the artist’s own vision instead, spanning all BPM ranges and open to all genres.

A Whopping 4Gb WAV pack with more than 1250 Drumloops, an extensive array of One-shots, and memorable Textures to instantly add depth to any kind of electronic music production.

System Requirements:

– minimum 6 GB free hard drive space

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