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  • A Simple monthly show of your support for our work, which we greatly appreciate! Thank you! 

  • On top of your generous support, you’ll get a monthly fix of music. A minimum of 2 new pieces of music*, and who knows, maybe more! You will get this new music before the general public!
  • *Genre not restricted to dance floor music.
  • On top of new music, as you’re a musician yourself on the hunt for a new workflow and great starting points for your new music, you’ll get each month a template full of goodies for either Ableton Live 10.x*, Maschine 2.x*, Logic Pro X*, Reason 11. We will start right away with the original fast workflow templates for both Ableton Live and Logic Pro X. We’ll add monthly updates with built-in patches, sounds, making only use of the built-in elements of each. We’ll also add samples template by template. And finally you’ll get here and there plug-in setting packs for your favourite DAW’s settings!
  • * Make sure you always update to the latest version whenever possible.
  • The Uultimate experience and the very best contribution to my career… and possibly yours! Each month on top of the music, the DAW templates and plug-in settings, you will get entire collections of freshly made samples, synthesizer patches, weird creations from scratch, free for you to use.
  • Sample packs will be in 24bit – 44.1khz Stereo Format spanning the entire spectrum of genres, from ambient to up tempo dance floor music, Cinematic Subgenres, Bass Music and much more. They will be entirely copyright-free.
  • The synthesizer and FX patches will consist mainly of the big and top packages available on the market. There will be patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere (exclusive to Platinum Patrons!), Arturia’s Pigments and V-Collection 7 (which will be expanded to their entire range of products, depending on the contributions), Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate products*, Xfer Records Serum, U-he Hive 2 and Zebra 2.x and future updates, and Reason 11 racks. On top of that, every quarter, I’ll pick ONE Platinum Patron for a private session and will spend a couple hours with you for individual studio Coaching, with an analysis of your work, plus help on your production in the making.
  • * exception made of Massive X at present time due to its compatibility restrictions.